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Fuell Flluid E-Bikes

The bike that can replace a car! Commuting superstar!

All Fuell Flluid E-Bikes come standard with TWO large 504Wh batteries, a torque sensing 500W mid motor, and a Gates Carbon belt drive with an internally geared hub. Ride all you want with low maintenance and exceptional power. 125 mile range!

The Fuell Flluid E-Bikes elevate the E-Bike experience to a new level of sophistication and performance. From the creative mind of motorcycling design pioneer Erik Buell, Fuell has a vision of E-Bikes as a reliable transportation platform as well as a thrilling enthusiast experience.

We get asked by customers all the time comparing the Fuell Flluid E-Bikes to other E-Bike offerings on the market, "Why would I pay so much more for a Fuell bike"? The answer is that the Flluid E-Bikes are at a whole different level of sophistication compared to other bikes on the market, with premium components, exceptional reliability, smoothness, and precision that is not common in the E-Bike market. Ride a Fuell Flluid and you'll see. We know the price is on the high end of the market, so these are not for everyone, but if you're someone who values quality and precision and are willing to pay for it, the Fuell Flluid may be for you, come check one out for yourself!

All of the Flluid-1 model range bikes have the same basic configuration and component specs, and all use a mid-drive motor for pedal assist power, these bikes have no throttle. These are classified as Pedelec / S-Pedelec bikes, not technically "E-Bikes" since they have no throttle, but common phrasing is still used to call these E-Bikes. Just note they have pedal-assist power only, with no separate throttle. The Flluid-1 model is limited to 20MPH for those who require legal compliance for bike path use in areas where this is enforced, such as Europe, while the Flluid-1S and Flluid-1E models offer pedal assist power up to 28MPH, classifying them as "S-Pedelec" bikes.

The Flluid-1 and Flluid-1S have a Shimano internally-geared hub for shifting, and carbon belt drive, for a very smooth and maintenance-free experience.

The Flluid-1E model features the Enviolo CVT internal hub transmission paired with the carbon belt drive, for seamless gearing changes and infinite gear ratios.

If you prefer a traditional indexed shifting setup, the Shimano hub is great, and if you're looking for the cutting-edge experience of seamless shifting then you may fall in love with the Enviolo CVT. Try them out at CycleZoo and see which model suits you!


Max Assistance Flluid-1 Pedelec:  20 MPH
Flluid-1S/1E S-Pedelec : 28 MPH
Max Power Flluid-1 and Flluid-1S/1E: 500W / 100 Nm torque
Rear Hub Flluid-1 and Flluid-1S: Shimano Nexus 5E
Flluid-1E: Enviolo CVT


Fuell Flluid Sizing Chart

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