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These models are normally IN STOCK or available to special-order quickly. Other models from these manufacturers may be available as well, contact us for any special requests.

iGO E-Bikes at CycleZoo E-Bikes 

CycleZoo is your EXCLUSIVE Omaha area iGO E-Bike shop with the most popular iGO models IN STOCK! iGO premium E-Bikes from Canada, all premium components, outstanding performance, outstanding range, both hub-drive and mid-drive bikes WITH pedal-assist and throttle! You'll want to check these out before making any decision on an E-Bike purchase!



See the full iGO Model Range here: iGO

 CURRENT iGO Inventory Stocking Models (others available for order):

iGO -  EBike Discovery Rosement LE
iGO -  EBike Discovery Rosement LS
iGO -  EBike Outland Cabot LS


Aventon E-Bikes at CycleZoo E-Bikes 



 Aventon Ramblas eMTB


See the full Aventon Model Range here: Aventon

CURRENT Aventon Stocking Models (others available for order):

Aventon -  Aventure.2  
Aventon -  Aventure.2 Step-Thru
Aventon -  Level.2 
Aventon -  Level.2 Step-Thru
Aventon -  Pace 500.3 ST EBike 
Aventon - Ramblas eMTB
Aventon - Soltera.2


Mokwheel E-Bikes at CycleZoo E-Bikes 


See the full Mokwheel Model Range here: Mokwheel

 CURRENT Mokwheel Stocking Models (others available for order):

Mokwheel -  Basalt Step-Thru
Mokwheel -  Obsidian 
Mokwheel -  Scoria 


Electric Bike Company E-Bikes at CycleZoo E-Bikes

We are the Omaha-area EXCLUSIVE Electric Bike Company E-Bike shop with models IN STOCK plus a full EBC Custom Design center to build your perfect E-Bike!


See the full EBC Model Range here: Electric Bike Company

NOTE: EBC Models in stock are normally accessorized with popular upgrades from Electric Bike Company and pricing is individual for each unique bike. Contact us or stop by for pricing on the IN-STOCK models we have on hand! Pricing on the Electric Bike company Model page linked above is BASE pricing for each model before any upgrades.

  CURRENT EBC Stocking Models (others available for order):

Electric Bike Company - EBC Model E 
Electric Bike Company - EBC Model R 


Rambo Rugged E-Bikes at CycleZoo E-Bikes


See the full Rambo Model Range here: Rambo


  CURRENT Rambo Stocking Models (others available for order):

Rambo Bikes - Rambo Pursuit M
Rambo Bikes - Rambo Trailbreaker 20" Kids Ebike




2022 Ducati E-Scrambler - Grey - Size: Small - $3,995 CLOSEOUT MODEL $1995! VIEW
Sized for rider 5'9" and under) 

FREE SpeedBox 1.0 Speed Upgrade Chip INCLUDED ($160 Value)!