Electric Bike Company E-Bikes at CycleZoo

A very exciting brand of AMERICAN-MADE E-Bikes in our inventory, from Electric Bike Company (EBC) in Newport Beach, California! You may have seen other popular E-Bikes being advertised online in this same category of "Casual" use bikes, such as Aventon Bikes, Rad Power Bikes, and others, but NONE compare in quality for the same price as Electric Bike Company models. Check out the EBC bikes for yourself and we KNOW you'll be impressed!

We normally have bikes IN STOCK and ready for you to try out during the main riding season! If you like one of them on our showroom floor, you can take it home! Or if you want a more personalized version, we will order one for you with all of your very own color choices and personalized accessories, and generally it only takes a few weeks for us to receive YOUR new bike!

NEW! CycleZoo is now a PREMIUM EBC Custom Design Center! One of only a handful in the USA!


MODELS WE STOCK IN-STORE (others available for custom orders):


Model R
- "Rugged" Beefy Step-Through All-Terrain Cruiser - From $2,499


Model E - "Economy" Lower-spec lower-price version of the Model R - From $1,899

Model F - "Folding" All new model for compact storage - From $1,799



You can pick your e-bike up in the CycleZoo store OR we can ship it directly to you for FREE!


Electric Bike Company Model R


EBC Terms & Conditions - Warranty Registration

All purchasers of EBC bikes need to read and agree to the buyer terms and conditions contract for warranty registration of their bike, click the link below: