Fantic E-Bikes at CycleZoo

Fantic e-Bikes

Fantic Issimo Urban Red

Fantic Fat Sport Olive

Fantic TX2 Scooter

ALL-NEW and straight from Italy, we're happy to add FANTIC to our lineup at CycleZoo!

Fantic produces some very fun and unique models of urban and trail bikes, as well as a compact scooter. There are also several models of mountain E-bikes available which we are not currently stocking, but ARE available to order if you are looking for one of those. The Fantic bikes feature high quality components and lots of "Italian Style"!

We normally have bikes IN STOCK and ready for you to try out during the main riding season! If you like one of them on our showroom floor, you can take it home! Or if you want a specific size or color we don't have in stock, we will get one for you from the distributor's warehouse! MOST models are IN STOCK in the warehouse early in the season, and things start to thin out later in the season, just check with us on what you are looking for and we will check live availability for you!

Fantic E-Bike Models:

Issimo Urban - $4,200.95 (Limited supply of 2022 closeout models @$3,299.95)
Fat Sport - $5,195
Seven Days Living - $4,777
TX2 Scooter - $995


You can pick your e-bike up in the CycleZoo store OR we can ship it to you!