Fuell Flluid-1 Information and FAQ's

The Fuell Flluid-1, Flluid-1S and Flluid-1E represent the pinnacle of E-Bike technology and performance. Below is some valuable information and reference material for Flluid-1 owners and potential owners who are doing product research before a purchase. We will also add Fuell Flluid-1 E-Bike Reviews to the list as we come across them or are provided a review from a customer. We will continue to add more information to this resource over time, if you have questions about the Fuell Flluid-1 please contact us and if we don't know the answer, we'll GET the answer and then add that information to this page for the benefit of all current and potential Fuell owners!

Fuell Flluid-1 Owners Manual PDF Download:
Fuell Flluid-1 Flluid-1S Flluid-1E Owner's Manual


Flluid-1 Dual Battery Usage Tips:
Each of the 2 batteries on the Flluid-1 have their own individual power button. The rider can turn on either or both batteries independently, depending on what your riding scenario is. You must turn on at least 1 battery before you use the power button on the handlebar to turn on the dash. To turn on a battery, press the rubber button on the battery and the green lights will light up to show the charge level of the battery for a few seconds (1-5 green lights indicating charge level from 20%-100%). After the battery level display, 1 green light will remain illuminated to indicate that particular battery is powered on. The battery will turn off automatically after a period of non-use, so you don't need to turn the batteries off manually. If you turn on just 1 battery, the bike will be powered from that battery only and the full 100% capacity of that battery will be used. If both batteries are turned on, the bike will consumer power from the first battery until it is discharged down to 20% and then will switch to the 2nd battery automatically. If the 2nd battery runs out of charge, then the bike will switch back to the 1st battery to use up the remaining 20%.

Also note that each battery has it's own charging port and needs to be charged up individually, there is no charging connection between the 2 batteries, they are independent. We have found that most people tend to power up only 1 battery for a standard ride scenario, and leave the 2nd battery fully charged and turned off as a backup when needed on longer rides. It's a good idea to use both batteries independently the first 10 rides or so, so that each battery gets a discharge/recharge a few times. Fuell says it takes around 5 discharge/recharge cycles for each battery before they will be permanently set to full capacity and have the best lifespan. So it's a good idea to use each battery independently several times, and then charge them back up each time you use them to "prime" the batteries for the best life and strongest battery charge cycle.

Flluid-1 Mid-Drive Motor Comparison:
We frequently get questions from E-Bike shoppers considering other brands of E-Bikes which have a Hub motor vs. the Mid-Drive motor on the Flluid-1. The amount of power it takes to drive the bike from a hub motor is much higher than what a mid-drive motor requires. The Hub motor is inside of the rear wheel and provides power directly to the wheel, whereas the Mid-Drive motor is inside the pedal crank assembly and adds power to your existing pedal stroke. The leverage ratio of power being provided at the crank is much higher than at the hub, so a mid-drive motor requires less power to provide the same amount of forward momentum or torque. So when you see the Flluid-1 has a 500W mid-drive motor, and compare to a 1000W hub motor, be assured the 500W mid-drive motor on the Flluid-1 is VERY powerful and efficient and it is not a direct comparison of Watt vs. Watt. The disadvantage to a Mid-Drive motor vs. a Hub motor is that the Mid-Drive motor cannot provide power to the bike when you are not pedaling, therefore Mid-Drive E-Bikes do not have an independent throttle, they only provide power added to your pedal stroke. If you are looking for an E-Bike that can propel you without pedaling occasionally, then you want a Hub-Drive setup. If you're going to ride your E-Bike like a normal bicycle, but want the added speed, endurance and lower stress on your body of having E-Power available, then a Mid-Drive motor is a great choice as they are very efficient compared to a Hub-Motor. The 500W Mid-Drive motor on the Flluid-1 is a very powerful motor, most of the other Mid-Drive motor setups are in the 250W-350W range on most brands currently on the market.

Shimano vs. Enviolo CVT Hub Explantion:
The Shimano hub is a "Traditional" geared hub with 5 distinct gears that are indicated on the twist-grip shifter. With the Shimano hub you twist to click between the gears, which engage individually just like a traditional bicycle shifter. The shifting is extremely smooth and precise, probably not what you're used to on a traditional bicycle! The hub is internally geared, meaning there are no external sprockets, everything is self-contained inside the rear hub for a completely maintenance-free experience. The Enviolo CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) hub is controlled via the twist-grip shifter just like the Shimano hub, but without any gear indicators or specific gears. With the Enviolo the farther you twist the shifter the lower the gear ratio becomes, in a completely linear and endlessly variable fashion. Rather than having 5 distinct gear ratios, the Enviolo changes the ratio based upon how far you twist the grip. The Enviolo CVT is extremely smooth and easy to operate, but does not provide the tactile "click" of gears, so it's one of those things that some riders love while others still prefer the traditional "click" gear shifter, which is why we sell BOTH models! Come take a demo ride and see for yourself which you prefer!

We get asked by customers all the time comparing the Fuell Flluid E-Bikes to other E-Bike offerings on the market, "Why would I pay so much more for a Fuell bike"? The answer is that the Flluid-1 E-Bikes are at a whole different level of sophistication compared to other bikes on the market, with premium components, exceptional reliability, smoothness, and precision that is not common in the E-Bike market. Ride a Fuell Flluid-1 and you'll see. As a Ducati motorcycle dealership as well, we are very familiar with high quality and precision in 2-wheeled vehicles, and these Fuell Flluid-1 E-Bikes absolutely deliver on that front. We know the price is on the high end of the market, so these are not for everyone, but if you're someone who values quality and precision and are willing to pay for it, the Fuell Flluid may be for you, come check one out for yourself!