Glion Folding E-Bikes at CycleZoo


Finally a TOP QUALITY and AFFORDABLE compact folding E-Bike option!

Glion started as a pioneer in the Lithium-Ion battery industry over a decade ago, and has utilized their battery technology in a variety of applications, which now include the one that WE'RE excited about - The Glion B1 Compact Folding E-Bike! There are a lot of compact folding e-bikes marketed all over the internet, and virtually all of them have one thing in common - they're JUNK! We promise you the Glion B1 is different! Glion is headquartered right here in the area, in Holdredge, Nebraska, where they maintain a full inventory of bikes and spare parts. 


Glion E-Bike Model (Click for full details):

Glion B1 Compact Folding E-Bike - $1,499 CLOSEOUT $799!



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