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Soul Fast E-Bikes, aka Soul Beach Cruisers, is a VERY unique manufacturer of E-Bikes! Headquartered in Mesa, AZ, Soul founder Jim Decker set out to create an homage to his BMX racing days, with a PERFORMANCE beach cruiser E-Bike styled like an oversized BMX bike. The end result is a SUPER-COMFORTABLE upright seating position with a big cushy seat and an unmistakably COOL look that will draw a crowd anywhere it goes! Soul has been selling versions of this same bike platform for over a decade, with tens of thousands of bikes on the road, so they are PROVEN reliable and a BARGAIN at the price they are offered for!

One ride on a Soul will tell you all you need to know about these bikes, they are FUN, FAST and COMFORTABLE!


Soul E-Bike Frames are available in both STANDARD top tube and LOW FRAME  top tube configuration, and with either standard 26" or smaller 24" wheels. The Low Frame Saber Sport and Pro models with the 24" wheels provides the lowest standover height possible with a traditional top tube design. The new Soul LOW Step-Thru model has no top tube so eliminates stand-over height issues for all riders. Some prefer the look and added rigidity of the standard top tube design, while others want the convenience of a step-thru frame, and Soul has you covered for all needs now!

Current Soul E-Bike Models Stocked at CycleZoo:

(Click on a model below to see photos and full specs!)

Soul Saber LOW (Step-Thru) - $2,399

Soul Saber Sport - $2,449

Soul Saber Sport Low Frame - $2,449

Soul Saber Pro - $2,999

Soul Saber Pro Low Frame - $2,999


We can also get other colors and frame/wheel combos from the Soul warehouse in about a week, so just ask if you want a bike we don't currently stock and we'll get it for you!


You can pick your e-bike up in the CycleZoo store OR we can ship it to you!