Electric Bike Company Model F (Folding)

Electric Bike Company Model F (Folding)

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EBC's new FOLDING Electric bike for all riders - Made in the USA! 

The Electric Bike Company Model F is a modern step-through design that FOLDS for compact storage in a camper or other small space! If you're looking for an all-purpose E-Bike that FOLDS, the Model F is for you!

Now available with optional Torque Sensor as well as optional advanced lighting package with High/Low Beam Headlight, Turn Signals, Brake Lights & Automatic Light Sensors.

The Model F is ALL-NEW for this year and we try to keep one in stock, so you can check one out in person and take it for a ride before ordering your OWN personalized version! Or if you're an instant-gratification type who likes the color and options on one of our floor models, just buy one and take it home!

Key specs of the Model R include:

  • Rider Size Range - 4'6" to 6'8", up to 300 lbs. 
  • 10Ah battery for an effective cruising range of 50 miles. 5-YEAR warranty on battery!
  • BOTH Pedal-Assist AND a Thumb-Operated throttle so you can choose if you want to pedal and have electric assist help you go, or you just want to use the throttle to propel the bike while you sit on it.
  • 20 or 28 mph top speed, depending upon the assist option you configure in the menu on the dash
  • 3.5 Amp super charger with Smart charging technology, cooling fan, aluminum cover & 3 prong charging port for safety
  • Bengal Hydraulic Disc Brakes with saftey electrical motor disconnect wiring
  • 58T chainring, 170 mm forged alloy, dual-sided aluminum bash guard
  • Direct (single speed) drive train with 18T cog freewheel for medium to hilly terrain
  • Suspension fork with hydraulic lockout, Preload adjustment, Turn lockout on anytime whilst riding
  • Locking hand stitched leather Aluminum secure ends for non slip - available in Black or Tan
  • Aluminum straight handlebars 
  • Kickstand with non-slip sole & wide reinforced rubber foot - prevents slipping and sinking into soft surfaces
  • LCD Color display, multi level menu system, compact, user friendly screen with USB outlet for charging your devices
  • Full front and rear LED lighting
  • 750 Watt Hub Motor w/10 YEAR Warranty!
  • Wellgo aluminum, integrated bearing pedals with comfort non slip rubber
  • 24" Double walled, Aluminum 2″ Jetset Rims
  • Custom, 300 x 300 x 100mm thick, high density foam leather seat - available in Black or Tan
  • 30.4mm x 300mm rigid aluminum seatpost - up to 350lbs capacity. Plus optional Satori suspension seatpost (350lbs) or Suntour suspension seatpost (350lbs) for added comfort
  • 24" x 3" Premium puncture resistant ebike tires

Ordering YOUR EBC EBike:

Electric Bike Company will build YOUR e-bike to order IF we don't have one in stock that meets your needs, giving you a plethora of options for colors on virtually every part of the bike, plus a TON of options and accessories you can add to your bike to personalize it for exactly how you plan to use it! It typically takes 4-6 weeks lead time for your customized bike to arrive. As an authorized Retailer for Electric Bike Company, CycleZoo can help you every step of the way in configuring your bike, and it all starts on the EBC web site configurator link below - use this to get an idea of what you want and then contact us to get it ordered and delivered HERE for you to pick up. If you would like some help in selecting options to meet your needs, we'll be thrilled to help you!

EBC Model F Configurator

 About Electric Bike Company:

Electric Bike Company is located in Newport Beach, California, where all of the EBC bikes are manufactured by skilled craftsmen, and in fact each EBC bike is assembled by a SINGLE person to ensure attention to detail and unparalleled quality. Electric Bike Company bikes are assembled with PREMIUM components, unheard of in other brands in the same price range. Not only are you getting an American-Made product, you're getting a high quality product at the same price as a much "cheaper" product shipped in from Asia. 

*Pricing shown above is for the base bicycle and does not reflect any custom options or accessories