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SHOP LOCAL! Why CycleZoo?

Local sales, service and support PLUS lower prices! What do you get when you buy LOCAL?

E-Bikes IN STOCK for you to check out and ride before you buy.

Experts who will help you select the perfect bike for your needs and budget. We ONLY sell bikes from high quality manufacturers with US-based support and service. We have hand-picked all of the brands we sell so YOU don't have to guess!

Service and support after your purchase, not just an 800 number to call for help that rings at a desk in Asia. Like most E-Bike shops, we ONLY provide service for the bikes sold in our store. Most people who purchase a bike over the internet find out the hard way when they have a problem that there is no local support available.

The BEST pricing available and no shipping fees.

The way to get local support is to BUY LOCAL, come see us and we'll show you why CycleZoo is your BEST choice!

Why an E-Bike?

E-Bikes are the HOTTEST market on 2-wheels for good reason, they facilitate much more utility, distance, thrill and capability for every cyclist, from the new rider to the seasoned veteran!

E-Bikes allow you to ride FARTHER and FASTER to cover more ground, see more scenery, and encourage you to ride your bike MORE and in situations that you might otherwise choose to drive. If you're a less fit or older cyclist, E-Bikes allow you to still RIDE but having a "safety net" for climbing the daunting hills that you might otherwise be leery of. E-Bikes allow you to RIDE to your maximum potential!

The electric assist on some E-Bikes can assist your own pedaling only, and not propel the bike on it's own. Other E-Bikes have a separate throttle control and can be used without pedaling when desired using a thumb throttle. We sell BOTH types of E-Bikes at CycleZoo! 


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