CycleZoo is NOW OPEN! Located inside of Ducati Omaha, 15025 Industrial Road. 402-235-1624

CycleZoo E-Bikes

Premium Electric Bicycles in Omaha, Nebraska. E-Bikes for Mountain, Trail, Road and City. Ebike accessories and gear for all riders.

Why an E-Bike?

E-Bikes are the HOTTEST market on 2-wheels for good reason, they facilitate much more utility, distance, thrill and capability for every cyclist, from the new rider to the seasoned veteran!

E-Bikes are NOT designed to reduce the amount of exercise you get riding a bike, it's actually quite the opposite!  E-Bikes allow you to ride FARTHER and FASTER to cover more ground, see more scenery, and encourage you to ride your bike MORE and in situations that you might otherwise choose to drive. E-Bikes allow you to RIDE to your maximum potential!

The electric assist on this style of E-Bike only assists your own pedaling, it does not propel the bike on it's own. Some E-Bikes have a separate throttle control and are more of a scooter than a bicycle. 

Commuting and FUN!

Attack The Trails!

YOUR E-Bike Shop in Omaha - We Know PREMIUM!

CycleZoo Omaha is a spin-off of Ducati Omaha, a premium Italian motorcycle shop, and high quality E-Bikes are a PERFECT FIT for our store since so many of our staff and customers are not only motorcyclist, but also bicyclists. We are thrilled to bring a high-end E-Bike experience to the Omaha area!

We carry ONLY the BEST - Ducati-branded Thok E-Bikes and IntenseTazer MX E-MTB bikes. There are plenty of cheaper options out there, we don't sell those, we don't service those. We sell the BEST, and when you're making a premium E-Bike purchase, only the BEST will do!


CycleZoo E-Bikes at Ducati Omaha

15025 Industrial Rd
Omaha, NE 68144
402-235-1624 (Text/Call)

Tues - Fri, 10am - 6pm
Saturday, 10am - 3pm
Sunday/Monday - CLOSED

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Ducati Omaha adds E-Bikes to the mix as CycleZoo!

For fans of DucatiOmaha who have been around long enough, you may remember our "OLD"store before we were a Ducati dealer, we were a small independent racing shop called "CycleZoo". Well now, after 15 years, CycleZoo is BACK! But this time we're treading new ground into a new 2-wheeled segment that we are very excited about, E-Bikes! 

Many of our staff and a large number of our motorcycling customers are also bicyclists, both road and mountain biking, so this is a natural fit for us. We are not an all-purpose bicycle shop (we have one of those right next door!), we have a very intense focus on premium E-Bikes only, which we will offer sales and service for in our shop. 

Our product mix includes BOTH the full Ducati branded THOK E-Bike range of city and trail bikes plus the Intense Tazer MX range of E-MTB's. The THOK Ducati-branded bikes have been available inEurope for several years now and are FINALLY available here in the USA now! The range includes BOTH city-oriented as well as mountain-oriented bikes. Intense has garnered much praise for the Tazer models, and this new Tazer MX range kicks it up a notch with even more premium components, including full Ohlins suspension on the top-of-the-range Tazer MX Pro model!